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Success for alumni at Young Innovators Next Step Awards 2022

Alumni Kate Walker and Benjamin Ndubuisi have been given a further boost to their early-stage businesses by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, through the Young Innovators Next Steps Awards.


Holland takes on new challenge with England Hockey

布雷特荷兰, 黄金城’s Women's Hockey Performance Head Coach, will take on a new challenge in international hockey.


Ukraine war: crisis between the west and Russia gives Turkey a chance to strengthen its hand at home and abroad

The longstanding neutrality of Sweden and Finland was abandoned when both states submitted formal applications to Nato. But they are facing an unexpected obstacle on the way to membership: Turkey. While Turkey supports the alliance’s “open door” policy, Ankara’s veto reflects its aims to change the status quo and make gains in three areas: the eastern Mediterranean, Syria – and in its own domestic politics.

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